As a continuation of the Reach the World strategic plan, I Will Go offers something for the whole church—local churches, missions, conferences, unions, divisions, the General Conference, and institutions. It’s a tool to help the Church be more focused and effective in answering God’s call for us to witness to unreached people around the world.

Research data was used to identify objectives for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church to accomplish its mission. The I Will Go objectives focus on three important areas: mission, spiritual growth, and leadership; each one has key performance indictors (KPIs), which help us know if we are meeting the objectives. These were created to give us tangible goals and action plans for sharing the gospel with the world, so that we can mobilize our resources to more effectively reach the unreached.

This is more than a strategic plan. It’s a mission-focused tool based on real data and the Great Commission. Its value and impact will be determined as the Church works together as a worldwide team of brothers and sisters, under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayerfully read the I Will Go objectives and KPIs. How can you, your church, your institution, or your administration participate in the plan? What is your responsibility?

As we trust God to fill us with the Holy Spirit, let’s work together to share the gospel with the entire world. All of us have the opportunity to say “I Will Go!”  

The strategic plan is available in multiple languages on the Download the Booklet page.

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