ASI Supports ‘I Will Go’ Initiative in Worldwide Mission

The Adventist-Laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI) is a powerful, mission driven organization that has been responsible for many great projects. Elbert Kuhn, Associate Secretary of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, opened the ASI presentation stating, “ASI has been a blessing to many people for so many years. It has motivated many professionals to donate and be directly involved in the mission of the church around the world.” The presentation contained many touching stories of how God has used ASI to reach people from around the world. These are just some of the stories that were shared.
Andrew Schmidt, from Lexington, Kentucky, shared how his family has been able to reach people through their textile machinery business by simply taking the time to speak to people in the workplace, sharing books or having Christian hymns playing in the background. Schmidt credits God for giving them the business and has made it his mission to give back to God where he can. “God asks us to take the tools right where we are and be able to use that to share for him.”

ASAP Ministries is an organization located in Cambodia which works to establish church plant movements focusing on a combination of physical acts of compassion and proclaiming the Gospel message. ASAP Ministries currently run a school for children which focuses not only on education but also sharing the Gospel message. Saeng Saengthip, ASAP Associate Director, encourages people to donate to the organization so that they can continue to improve the life of students in Cambodia.

In 2011 a study was conducted, for every 10,000 people in India there are only 20 health workers including doctors, nurses and therapists. Many people are dying due to illnesses that could have been easily prevented. The Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT) supports the education of those who are in India, promoting hydrotherapy and massage and teaching people how to take care of their bodies. LIGHT trains others to become medical missionaries so they can establish their own centers and build networks among the other ministries. They aim to branch out to every state in India, to make health care accessible to everyone.

ASI in the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division has helped their local community by building a school, church and a solar powered garden project. With over 10 different ASI members in each of the 13 unions, ASI is on the forefront of spreading the gospel message through service. In the Zimbabwe Central Union Conference, ASI members have built school blocks for the students and churches in the hopes that they will be able to spread God’s love to more families. The ‘I Will Go’ initiative is reflected by every ASI member as they share Jesus’ ministry, love and compassion.

In East Africa, members of the Biblical Research Institute are committed to transforming pastors from other faiths into leaders for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. A strong focus is put on teaching health, as many people are suffering from lifestyle diseases. This has been met with excitement and many have come to believe in the Advent Health Message. Seminars on health, prophecy, family life and the history of redemption are presented to educate pastors from other faiths and as a result, many have been baptized and are now leading others to Christ. 

Kim, Young Goon, Director of Sacronam Newstart Centre, has helped to reach more than 1000 people in bible studies with over 400 accepting Christ and getting baptized, as a result of his ministry. Goon explains, “Jesus didn’t just teach God’s words, He fulfilled their needs then spoke of the scripture as their hearts were moved.” Many people continue to experience healing at the Newstart Centre.

ASI For Industry Professionals

Debbie Young, ASI Board member, explains how ASI was organized to bring people who are paid by the church and lay members together to encourage and help one another. ASI creates opportunities that the church organization cannot as it encourages people who are in business to share Jesus in their marketplace. Young says, “ASI inspires people to do what they can, with the tools that they have in places of work.” Jesus’ love can be shared with others, even in the workplace.

ASI provides people with a sense of belonging, it allows people to exchange ideas and motivate each other so that they can participate in God’s work. ASI aims to work together with the church, inspiring its members to get involved in mission so that Jesus can come sooner.