Launch of “I Will Go” Mobilizes Missionaries for 2022

The Bahia Adventist College (Fadba) hosted the IPO of another edition of “I Will Go,” a worldwide missionary project that will take place 19–22 October 2022 on the campus of the institution. The initiative will mobilize young missionaries from all over the world for a meeting of languages ​​and cultures that will be infused by gratitude for the missions already carried out. The focus of the program is to inspire more people to volunteer in other regions of the globe.

According to Fadba’s missions coordinator, Pastor Francesco Marquina, “I Will Go 2022” will be an opportunity to provide interaction for young people who share the same ideal of life, which is mission. “But beyond that, we will encourage others to become missionaries. It will be a collective celebration, and we will dedicate all our lives to the mission”, he confirms.

During the launch, plans A and B for “I Will Go” were published. “This is the largest project of Adventist Volunteer Service, and in parallel, we celebrate the foundation of the buildings that will motivate our students to be capable volunteers around the world, as we will be receiving more of 4,000 young people”, explains Pastor Eber Liessi, general director of Fadba.

“We are experts. We got involved; we invested a lot in the local mission, and that’s right. But let’s not forget that Jesus will only return when everyone hears about His love,” emphasizes Pastor Joni Roger Oliveira, Adventist Voluntary Service (SVA) director for eight South American countries. who also points out that the Adventist Church in South America is strong and has a lot to offer the world. “Our young people have been daring to travel to other countries, to know remote places, other cultures, and we need this strength for the preaching of the gospel. I believe that through ‘I Will Go’, we will have more young people applying for volunteer work and reinforcing the [education of missions].”

According to Pastor André Dantas, president of the Adventist Church in the states of Bahia and Sergipe, mission and health go hand in hand. “I was very happy with Fadba’s development in relation to health courses and their structure, as well as the growth of the mission in the academic environment. The institution is constantly advancing in its missionary vision”, he exclaims.

For those who wish to participate in the meeting, a website will soon be launched with registration for the event and all the details of the program.

This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Portuguese news site